Everything About Jade Plant [Grow, Care, Tips & More]

Jape Plant Mostly Known as Money Plant, Easy to grow and can be used at Home, Here is Information you may need to Know about Jade Plant.

There are many things to discuss so without wasting any time let’s stick to our topic. Here in this post I have tried to cover most of the queries of users like How to grow, care, benefits, and a lot more.


Jade Plant is a Houseplant and commonly known as Money Plant, Lucky Plant, Money tree, Crassula ovata and more, Jade Plant can easily survive with low water and low sunlight and can easily grow inside Home.

Genus name of the Jade Plant is Crassula, and it can grow up to height of 3 to 8 Feet, and the plant may have width of 2 to 3 feet.

The Plant has Green Thick Leaves and looks amazing to display at home. Most of the varieties have a Green Look, some of them might look Yellow green and if the plant is exposed to high sunlight you may observe a red tinge on the edges of leaves.


Now let’s see How you can grow a Jade Plant at Home. I am sharing the simple ways that help you, Just Follow the Steps Accordingly to get amazing Results.

There are Lots of Varieties available of Jade Plant, Before Growing you must select a variety accordingly.


  • Common
  • Silver
  • Variegated

Common: As you can guess by its Name this variety is very common and Popular in Jade Plant, Most of the people used this variety.

Silver: This Variety has Silver Blue Leaves and Red Borders, Also this variety can Grow 6 Feet Taller Variety

Variegated: This variety is very similar to common variety but it has Variegated leaves.

Now after selecting your variety you need to select a small pot/ container to grow plants, after selecting the container Add a Soil Mixture and plant, Hurray you done it. Now the Growing Part is completed.


As I Said earlier, a Jade Plant doesn’t require More care like other plants, still there are few things you should consider to make Your Plant Healthy. Most plants need Good Water, Light, Fertilizer etc,.


Jade plants don’t require scheduled watering, you can water the plant when the soil is dry in touch, and also create a Good Drainage for the plant to protect it from getting overwatered.


Jade plants require Good amount of Sunlight to stay healthy and most people avoid this step, but you have to follow this step.


Jade Plant Doesn’t require a lot of fertilizers but to make the soil good for Plant you can fertilize the plant every 6 months.


Now let’s discuss the benefits of the Jade Plant. Is it worth it to use or waste of Money, Let’s see. Jade Plant has Major 3 (Three) benefits low Maintenance, Air Purifying, Absorb Carbon Dioxide.

Low Maintenance

Similar to Indoor Plants, Jade plants also survive with low Water and Light, Like most of the people don’t have that much time to take care of plants so this plant is for you, it needs minimum Attention and Time.

Air Purifying

Most of The Indoor Plants Purify the air and simultaneously Jade Plant also Purify the Air and Make the House/Room clear to breath.

Absorb Carbon Dioxide

And But not the LEAST the Plant also Absorb the Carbon Dioxide.

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