D2 Armor Picker Tool: You Must Try

Hello Gamers, D2 Armor Picker is the tool that helps you select the armor from your inventory after checking all your previous stats. This will help you improve your gameplay, and moreover, this tool will keep tracking you and store all your performance.

As a player, your game character’s abilities, strengths, and performance depend on your armor loadout. Everyone can relate to the problem of picking the right armor combinations, and here the D2 Armor Picker tool comes in. It helps to pick the best armor using stats data.


Destiny 2 is a popular online game that was released in 2017 and has millions of players. Most of the players understand how important it is to select the correct customized armor for themselves and how helpful that will be, and the D2 Armor Picker tools help in making the right choice for a player.

How to Use D2 Armor Picker

  • Now let’s dive into the process of how to use the D2 armor picker tool to make our gameplay amazing. Firstly, visit the official site of the D2 armor picker tool made by game developers Bungie, and after that, login to the tool with your Bungie account.
  • Now describe your gameplay style and required stats, you can customize things as per your needs and how you want your guardian to be.
  • Also, you can choose things like PvP and PvE.
  • Now it’s time to customize your armor loadout.
  • Now the magical tools start their work and suggest some armor based on recommendations and requirements.
  • You can also change some of your preferences and try different things.


As a Destiny 2 player, you know the importance of armor loadout and how crucial it will be when we are in a PvP match with other players. To maximize self-performance, players need a good combination of armor, and this tool not only helps to select the tools based on preference but also gives them the self-confidence to have a customized look that is needed to play amazing gameplay.


Lots of players have questions about whether it is safe to use this kind of tool, whether it really helps, or they get banned for using it, and more, so here is the answer to all the questions that have been raised.

Also, lots of players have been concerned about logging in with their official Bungie account, using the API, giving details about their characters, etc.

Answer: Yes, D2 Armor Picker is completely safe, and players will not get banned for using this tool. As per concern, this tool will not have access to your account because it uses Bungie’s official API and OAuth authorization. Bungie gives a temporary token to D2 Armor Picker tools to help you customize your armor.


If you are facing some issues with the tool, you can try this solution to fix them. There might be lots of reasons why the tool may not be working; mostly it happens because of some technical issue or server issue. The reason may vary every time, but this trick will help you to solve some of the issues and continue your journey in selecting your armor loadout.

  • Log out and log in: It looks simple, but it works. Sometimes,  due to some cookies and server issues, the tool may stop working, so give it a try first.
  • Disable Blockers: Check your browser if you are using any anti-ad blocker, antivirus, or any kind of blocker that tries to block some script of a website. Disable it, reload, and try again.
  • Use a Different Device: There might be some issue with the device, so you can try a different device, and if it works perfectly there, then clear your cookies and history from the browser. You can also try using a different browser on the same device.
  • Contact support: if you have tried everything and still the tool is not working, then contact the support team; they will help resolve the issue.

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