Garden hoe Types | Choose the right one for your need

Hello Reader, there are different types of hoe available and all of them used for different different purpose, so we have collected some data from different users and made this list and type of hoe used for gardening.

The hoe is particularly used for dislodge weed in garden, digging some soil, planting tree holes and etc. its very essential tool used by gardener and if you also love gardening then you must know this type of gardening hoe types.

There are 4 Garden hoe Types

All Hoe are made with a basics structure and used for almost same purpose, just to make the use more comfortable there are some types and changes made in hoes like handle, blade, etc.

  • Paddle hoe.
  • Stirrup hoe.
  • Warren, or Dutch, hoe.
  • Collinear, or Onion, hoe.

So this are mainly used type of hoe available in the market, Now Lets see the type and their difference and their uses in details.

Paddle hoe or Draw hoe

This hoe is an basic hoe and called by many names paddle hoe, chopping hoe, Draw hoe and more, the main used of this hoe type are used to pull or draw soil for planting cleaning space for planting and this hoe has a long Handel and compatible for draw and pulling.

The paddle at the end of the handle is a small rectangle (approximately 6 by 4 inches or 15 by 10 cm.), angled at 90 degrees. This is a good general hoe that can help you dislodge weeds by the root or mound and shape soil. You can find versions of this with smaller paddles for tight spaces and in lighter weights.

Stirrup hoe

This hoe is complete used for different work and this also look different from traditional hoe, It is also called a hula hoe because it works with a back and forth wiggling action. It works by sliding just below the surface of the soil, cutting the roots of the weeds. It can then be used as a rake to gather the weeds into piles for disposal or composting.

This hoe has a bladed edge on both sides, the scuffle hoe is considered the best garden hoe for weeding, and also this hoe is hinged, in order to efficiently swivel when hoeing, as an advancement on the original stirrup hoe.

Warren, or Dutch, hoe.

This type hoe also called by many names like Dutch hoe, Warren hoe etc. This hoe has a long Handel and triangular blade, It’s also the most common garden hoe and is often the easiest to use. Used standing upright, a Dutch hoe has a sharp, wide and open blade that skims just below the surface of the soil to sever weeds from their roots.

A Dutch hoe, also called a push hoe, doesn’t have the typical hoe blade with its 90-degree-angle. Instead, the blade of the Dutch hoe faces forward.

Collinear, or Onion, hoe.

This type of hoe also has many names given by people, mostly name itself described it work, this hoe is called as Onion hoe, collinear hoe etc.

The collinear hoe, also know as onion hoe, has a narrow, sharpened blade for use in a sweeping motion, and It very useful with rocky soil and can cut the roots of weeds just under the surface of the soil, but is less effective at moving or chopping soil.

Last Word

Hopefully you get some knowledge through this article, we tried to collect information of hoe and there might be some type of hoe available but this are the most used and common around gardeners, you can easily buy anywhere, that for reading Follow us for more updates

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