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D2 Armor Picker Fix issue

The D2 armor picker is a tool used by Destiny 2 players to select a customized armor loadout for better gameplay.

If the D2 armor picker tool is not working, here are some fixes that you can try to solve the issue.

Tools may not be working for a lot of reasons, so sometimes it's better to try all the methods to solve an issue.

Log out and log in: simple but most of the time working; sometimes due to some cookie issues, the tool may stop working, so by using this method, it may start working.

Disable Blockers: If you are using any kind of blocker, like ad blockers, script blockers, etc., disable it and try again.

Use a Different Device: Yes, if the above two reasons have not worked, then try to use a different device or browser.

Contact support: if you tried everything and still your tool is not working, then contact the support team; they will help you resolve the issue.

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