Make Flowers Pot in 7 Simple Steps [New]

Don’t Spend Money Buying Expensive Flowers Pots, Here Here is the Simple DIY process to Make Flowers Pots Easily at Home.

Here I have Explain How you can easily Make Concrete Pots at Home, Using Simple methods, Follow them accordingly to make Amazing Pots.


  • Select Two Containers with Different sizes.
  • Coat Containers with Oil.
  • Cut Pipe pieces.
  • Prepare Concrete.
  • Pour Base (2-4 inch) concrete in Large Pot.
  • Place a small Pot inside the Larger one.
  • Add Concrete Mixture.
  • Leave for 12-24 Hours.
  • Your Pot is Ready!

Select Two Containers

Select Two Containers

Before starting the process you need to select two Containers/Pots With Different Size, as shown in the figure POT A & POT B.

Remember to take a Plastic Pots, And if it has any kind of kind holes cover, You can also use Any kind of Small Bowls if you want to make small Flower Pots.

Coat Containers with Oil

Coat Containers with Oil

The Next Step is Coat the containers. You can use non sticking oil, or even cooking spray, So basically you have to coat Inside the Larger Container and Outside the small container. For reference, you can check the Above Image.

The coating plays an important role in the process, it will help you in removing concrete pots easily without sticking to containers.

Cut Pipe pieces

Cut Pipe pieces

Now to make Holes in the Concrete Flowers Pot we need some pieces. Here I am using PVC Pipe Pieces 2 inches (5.1 cm) long. You can adjust the size as your bowl size.

These Pieces will help to make holes in the lower of Pots, and Help to remove Extra Water from the pots.

Prepare Concrete

Prepare Concrete

It’s Time to Prepare out Concrete, You need a quick-setting concrete batch, Always Wear Gloves to protect your hands.

You can also add Color in Concrete if you want to make your pot colorful, Remember Mix the Concrete as per Instructed on the package.

Pour Base (2-4 inch) concrete in Large Pot

Pour Base (2-4 inch) concreate in Large Pot

Now it’s Time to Pour Concrete base in Large Containers, You can Pour 2-4 Inch Concrete base as per your preference and choice.

And Also Insert the PVC Pipe Pieces in the bottom, Don’t cover the Holes of the pipes, and You can cut size according to your Concrete base size.

Place small Pot inside the Larger one

Place small Pot inside the Larger one

You are almost there! Now it’s time to insert the smaller container into the larger one, Remember to press the small container until it touches the base concrete.

You can also change the small container here if you want, and the thickness of the pot is also visible from this point, so it’s up to you

Add Concrete Mixture

Add Concreate Mixture

Now an important step is to add the concrete mixture from the surrounding of the Larger Container, Use a Stick of Rod to mix the mixture inside containers to settle well.

Leave It For 12-24 Hours, After adding the mixture leave the containers for at least 12-24 hours, You can also add a Sheet or Cloth on the top of the containers to protect them from water.

Flowers Pot is Ready!

Flowers Pot is Ready!

Hurray! You have done, Your amazing Handmade/Homemade Flowers Pot is Ready to use.


Most people love to decorate their Flower Pots, so you can color this pot easily and can make it look more attractive and amazing. It’s an Optional step.

Video Process

Video Credit: Amazing Craft DIY

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