How to Use Hedge Trimmer [Safe to use?]

Hedge Trimmer are used to trim the branches, and Using a hedge trimmer correctly is very important to make your plants healthy.

I have collected some of the step to use the hedge trimmer correctly, The step are basic and you can apply them easily to trim the branches with hedge trimmer.

Green Bushes need to maintained and to do that you have to use the an electric hedge trimmer.

How to use

Now let’s get into the steps to use a Electric Hedge Trimmer to make your plants in shape and cut extra branches of the plants.

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Before starting the process its very important to clear all the surrounding of the plant that you want to trim, this step will help you from getting any collision with anything during the process.

You can also use a Cloth and place it under the plant to make your workload less, because the sheet will collect all the trimmed branches and leaf. This is and Additional step you can skip this if you want.


Safety is very important, when you are working with this kind of electric device you must take safety precaution to avoid any kind of accident during the work, so here are few precaution you can take to be on safe side.

Hedge Trimmer is very powerful and so to control it you must use your both hands and while using it don’t hurry or try to do it faster, just stay calm and go with the process.

Many time while using Hedge Trimmer people by mistakenly cut its power wire, so be careful and always keep an eye on the wire, However you can repair this wire but its better to stay on the safe side.

Most importantly While using Hedge Trimmer always use Hand Leather Glow’s, this will help to protect your fingers.


Before starting the Hedge Trimmer its important to prepare it before use, Here are step thing’s you can check before starting the machine.

The First step is to check Hedge Trimmer blades should be well lubricated before use, and Next step you need to check all the part like nuts, blots, screws, handle is well tight? or not.


Now finally its time to start the work, First hold the Machine from the Handle and start the Machine, Remember to hold the machine with Grip.

Start the cutting from the base and try to hold machine carefully and slowly start continue to the top, Same way cut the top and sides accordingly and Powoff the machine carefully.


After all the work completed carefully unplugged and clean your machine, cleaning is important to make machine working for next time.

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Last Word

This was the process that can be used to trim or give a shape to your plants using an Hedge Trimmer, and you can try this step while using, also you can give me any suggestion or want talk, you can connect me through contact page, drop comment is you wanna share your experience, Thank You For Coming!

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