9 Common Dewalt 20V Trimmer Problems & Fixes

If you have a Dewalt 20V Trimmer and suddenly it has some issue, don’t worry it might be just a normal cause and can be fixed easily.

Every product has its own Benefits and Drawback’s, in this post we will discuss the problems Mostly faces by Dewalt 20V Trimmer user and How you can fix them.

Here I have taken most Common Problems faced by the users and their fixes, you can use them, if you have a different problem which is not listed here, leave a comment below.

Smart Table: Dewalt 20v Trimmer Problems, Causes, and Quick Fixes

Now let’s see the problems in more deeper way and how you can fix them.

Motor problem

Most user have this issue, Motor is most important part of the trimmer if it stop working there is no way you can use the tool.


  • There can be various reason for this issue, Motor is connected with wires and even if a single wire is damage, it will stop working.
  • If your filter is not cleaned will you may feel the trimmer is not working properly.
  • Motor is controlled by Switch and if switch of the tool get damage, tool will not work.
  • If you have not any above issue, then there may be issue with the motor and it might have damage.


  • If you have experience with electrical things, you can check the connection wire of the motor, and if any wire is damage or not connected fix them.
  • A dirty Filter will slowdown the performance of trimmer, to improve the power clean the filter with properly.
  • Also check the switch of your motor, if it has any damage or its not working properly, change it.
  • If Nothing is Going in your Favour, then there will be a issue with the motor, You have to change the motor if it get’s damage.

Battery problem

Battery play and important role in the trimmer if it has any issue you cannot use the tool, Most of the users Says they faced various issue with the battery.


  • one of the reason is your battery may have damage, it might happen because of high voltage issue, or maybe due to cables.
  • If you have been using the trimmer for a longer time and have not paid more attention to cleaning or Not keeping it in a safe place etc.
  • Also your charger may have damage battery, if are using a damage or different product charger it might have damage the battery.


  • First thing you can try is to clean the battery, do it properly and safely with taking all the precaution, don’t open the trimmer while the cable is connected to electricity.
  • Use Original charger if you were using other products, also if you having problem in charging, Try to use new or different charger.
  • If everything doesn’t work for you, Now only way to fix the problem is the change the battery, always the original product from same brand.

Line Feed issues

This is the most common problem personally face by me using the trimmer, and you may also facing the same, here’s how you can fix them.


  • This issue most rise because of not properly cleaning spool time to time.
  • Also most of the time it may happen because of Tangent line or un proper wound spool.


  • First thing you can try is to clean the spool properly and continue this process time to time.
  • Also make sure the line is properly wound, and if the line is breaking you should try changing the spool.
  • Most of the time Line breaking issue get fixed by replacing the spool with a new one.

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Noise Problem

Personally I don’t like to work with loud tool, and it make me uncomfortable to use.

Most of the users May feel Dewalt 20V Trimmer a bit noisy and this happen because the design.


  • This occur because the motor is used in product is not sound suppressed.
  • Sometime if something happen with the motor your may produced some different noises.


  • The Most easy way to overcome this problem is to use the ear protector and it will reduce most of the noise.
  • If you personally don’t like the noise tool then you should check other trimmer with less sound suppressed.

Weight and Balance

Trimmer are used to cut and if the tool is heavier it will be very hard for the users to us it, Personally feel Dewalt 20V Trimmer little bit heavier.

If you use the tool for long time, the weight will impact on using, Lot’s of user complain about the weight and handling.


  • The design of the trimmer is the main reason for this.
  • If you use Any modification on Handel that will also impact in weight and balance of the trimmer.


  • You can try to adjust the handle, with various positions as per your preference and it will help me to use the trimmer for long time.
  • You can also checkout the less weight trimmer, if not satisfied with this.

Adjusting Handle

Handle play a key role in handling the tool, not only it directly impact on the usage for long time.

However Adjusting Handel is not an Easy Job, you have to be very caution during the process and follow the proper guides to do so.


  • The design of the Handel is main cause.


  • The way to adjust an handle is to first Check your Model Name and then you can particularly check for online assistance to adjust or use support.
  • If you unable to adjust the properly, you should take it to near repair shop to do your work easily.

Cutting Power

There may be serval reasons for Power Cutting in Dewalt 20V Trimmer, and if you are facing this issue check the cause and fix below.


  • The main reason is improper setting of the tool.
  • another main reason is Usage technique, if you use the tool in wrong way it will impact it.


  • First check the setting of the tool, and if anything is wrong fix them accordingly.
  • If you don’t know the correct way to use the trimmer use the support guide for assistance.

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Compatibility Problems

Most the brand have this issue, also your location and model matter a lot in the compatibility.


  • Unable to find the correct parts to replace.
  • Model components are not available in the market.


  • Always check before buying that accessories, parts available.
  • Use Customer support for any parts issue.
  • If unable to solve the issue you can check another trimmer with no compatibility issue.

Assembly Problems

Its Most common problem faced by beginners, this may happen because of less experience.


  • Mostly happen if you unable to understand the assembly instruction properly.
  • Simultaneously if any components is missing it will be very hard to assemble any tool.


  • Follow the step by step guide properly and then start assembling process.
  • Also make a check list of all components, and check any of the missing.
  • Use the customer support if you are having any issue during process.

Final Words

In this post, tried to share the most common dewalt 20V trimmer users may faces, and how they can quickly fix them, Most the trimmer comes with this kind of common issue and if already own the trimmer you may encounter with this kind of problems in future, save our website for future and share your feedback below.

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