Dewalt 20v Blower Problems with Solutions

Dewalt makes one of the best tools in the industry so Dewalt 20v Blower is also a great product to buy, But everything has some Good and Bad things.

Here let’s see the common problems mostly faced by the user, and check quickly how you can fix them, If your problem is not listed below comment down for updates.

Smart Table: Dewalt 20v Blower Problems & Solutions

These are the most common issues you may be facing with your blower, similarly, I have also been through all this and after some support mostly fixed them.

Starting Issues

Most of the time you may working hard to start the blower but won’t start, and this is the worst feeling, let’s see what causes this problem and how you can fix it.


  • First, check the Battery in your machine, and also check whether your start buttons are working properly or not.
  • If you are using the blower for a long time, the battery may take a long time to recharge.
  • Lastly happens because of charger problems.


  • Put the blower on charge and wait for a few hours, if you don’t get any response change the charger and check.
  • If everything is not working for you, then the only possible way to fix the problem is to change the battery.

Battery Issues

Battery plays an important role in this tool, and if any issue rises on this will impact directly on the blower.


  • Most of the time it may happen because of overcharging.
  • Using a different charger, or incompatible charger to charge the battery.
  • storage is also important for battery, don’t place at wet place.


  • Carefully charge the battery, discharge the battery after full charge don’t leave it for long time.
  • Use original charger provided with product, If original charger got damage use the same model charger.
  • If your battery already got damage, then you should try replacing it.

Power Loss

Sometimes personally feel that blower is not blowing air with that power, and Started thinking what happen to my Tool.

Later checked the causes and used the fixes method to solve my problem.


  • Most of the time, this issue may rise because of Motor.
  • Also if your blower having a issue to intake air properly, will impact on power loss.
  • Lastly it have occur due to Components.


  • Check Motor and if you find any issue with it, replace or clean it.
  • Clean the blower air intake place, also try to clean it from inside.
  • Check the components and if any of them have an issue, replace them or fix them.
  • Having an different issue contact support for more assistance.

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Noise Problem

Most of the blowers produce a noise sound during the work and similarly dewalt 20V blower also makes noise during use.

If you are person, who don’t like to work under noisy sound you can use ear protectors to avoid disturbance.


  • Motor issue may cause more noisy sounds.
  • Lose components also reason for noise problem.


  • Check Motor and if you find any issue with it, replace or clean it.
  • Similarly check the components and fix the.
  • You can also use Ear plugs to avoid noise.
Image credit: Dewalt

Vibration issue

Sometimes you may face vibration issue in your blower, there may be various reason, but its very difficult to work with that kind of vibration in hands.

Also, compare the products before buying, take friends’ reviews and most of the time personal reviews help to select an amazing product.


  • Some components may be loosen and creating vibration.
  • The tool may have some Design issue, and not built vibration free.
  • Sometimes Motor also creates vibrations.


  • Check all the components and parts one by one, if any of them are loosen or damage change them with new.
  • Select a different design tool.
  • Check motor and clean it.

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Charging Problem

Charging for a tool is like food for us, of they don’t get able to work, If you are facing this there may be some of the reason for cause, also check the Fixes you can try.

Most of the blower comes with the same chargers and if you have any issue with chargers first check the charger.


  • Overvoltage might have damage the battery or charger.
  • Not cleaning the charger for a longtime can also cause this kind of issue.
  • Charger damage because of water, heat etc.


  • Always use the charger at the right place and check your charger from time to time.
  • Use different charger of same brand.
  • Try storing all the accessories at safe place, away from heat, water etc.

Stop Blowing Air

Don’t worry if the blower is not working, it happen with everyone, you can try some of the fix methods and if they didn’t work, contact the support for personal assistance.


  • Battery issue also prevents from blowing air.
  • Fan motor damage or blades damage during use.
  • Some wires may cut with the circuit and not able to work properly.


  • Check battery and everything before opening the blower to fix.
  • Clean the fan and if it’s got damage for any reason change the fan.
  • Most of the time your blower may have some lose connection inside the circuit, check and fix the in the right place.
  • Fixing wires may need some experience to understand which wire should place where, also sometimes it’s required soldering.

Last Words

Most of the product has it’s own benefits and drawbacks and so Dewalt 20V Blower has too, don’t judge a product base on the problem, it may also have some of the best features from others.

This particular post explain the common problems, most of the users faces, also shared some of personal experience ways to fix them, most of them will work for you.

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