7 Cub Cadet XT1 Problems & Quick fixes

If you love Gardening and use Lawn Mover to improve the garden, you must have researched and bought Cub Cadet XT1, No Dough is one of the best Movers available in the market, but it has some issues you may face.

If you own a Cub Cadet XT1 and having some issues, don’t worry it may maybe a basic issue and can be fixed easily.

I have taken the Most common problems faced by most of the users including me, and also include the way to fix them quickly.

Smart Table: Cub Cadet XT1 Problems, Reasons, Fixes

Now let’s see all problems and solutions in detail, you can also share your problem if it’s not mentioned here.

Starting Issues

One of the most common issues faced by lots of people, Personally gone through this and know how bad it feels when your mover is not working.


  • Check the Fuel tank and pipe fuel, if it’s damaged or empty it may causing the problem.
  • Also if your mover is taking long time to start and initially giving some thrust but not able to complete the start, it may be cause of battery.
  • You can also check ignition.


  • If you found any damage in fuel fix it or replace them, you can also take professional help.
  • If you think you battery is not working, first use a different battery and check and if it work then change your battery.
  • Take the help of support or professional to fix ignition problem.

Uneven Cutting

If you are worrying about uneven cutting of your tool, then take a ease it not a big issue, you can fix it easily, personally i have taken this steps to fix.


  • Most of the time this may happen because of components, As we use tools continually and don’t take proper maintenance some components may have damage or loosen.
  • Also there may be some issue in Deck, it may have not placed right.


  • Check the components and fix them or if needed replace them.
  • Try to adjust the Deck, you can try multiple levels as per your preference and fix them as you liked.

Also if you have some issue with blade, you have to take some help from support or professionals to fix it.

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Power Loss

If you are feeling that your machine is not working properly or it showing less power while cutting, then it may have some major problems and need quick check.


  • If you are facing this issue, then your machine may have some serious issue with Engine or components.
  • Sometime Air Filter also cause this problem.


  • Firstly don’t try to fix engine if you don’t have any experience in that, it very serious work, you should take someone help to solve.
  • If you find issue with some components you can try to fix then or if needed replace them.
  • Clean your Air Filter, and do this process time to time.

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Steering Issues

If you are driving the mover and feel uncomfortable with steering, then it may impact on your hands and also controls.


  • System may have some issues which may lead to steering control issue.
  • Lose or Damage components are the main reason for the Steering Vibration issue.


  • Check your system and Update or Fix it, You can take help of professionals for this issue.
  • Check damaged parts and fix them, If needed replace them with new ones.

Vibration issue

I face this issue and mark my words, It’s the most difficult to work with this kind of issue, it not only impacts on Human body but also harms your machine.


  • Most of the people faced this issue because of Blades, and blades play a key role while working and if have any issue it will impact whole tool.
  • Another reason for the cause may be related to components loosed or damaged components.


  • First thing you can do is check the blade of XT1 and if you see any issue in that fix it, you can also take help of others in this process.
  • The second thing you can do is to examine your XT1 thoroughly and check if any parts are damaged fix them or replace them.

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Charging Problem

If you are seeing an E-5 lo batt message your XT1 have some major issue with charging, Checkout the cause and how you can fix it.


  • You may some issues with battery which may causing the charging issue.
  • Some of the user also shared how the Charges cause the Problem in charging XT1.
  • You may also have some issue in Software which need professional examine.


  • If you think your XT1 has some issue with the battery try to use a different battery and if it works, then change your main battery with a new one.
  • Also If your charger is damaged due to certain reasons, use another charger and if everything works normal, replace your charger.
  • Take some help for system issues.

Note: Always replace the parts with Original ones, so it will not impact other systems in future.

Blades Not working

If your blades stop working suddenly, don’t panic it may be some simple issue and can easily fixed.

If you were using your XT1 for extreme work and have hit the blades with some rocks or something, it needs some professional help to fix.


  • If you are using your machine on extreme hard soil, it will impact the blades.
  • Also, Most of people have an issue with the Belt, You can also check this before taking it to professionals.


  • Try to keep checking all you parts and keep a good maintains for better work.
  • Check and fix Belt, if needed replace it.

Last Words (Conclusion)

In the above Post I have tried to share my experience with Cub Cadet XT1 and what problems most of the users faced and how you can fix them.

You can also write below if your problem is not mentioned above, I will surely get back to you with some fixes methods, Thank You for coming!

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