How to use a Frost Blanket| Why it’s Important

You Might have heard about Frost Blanket, Basically its used to cover Plant’s to get freeze from low temperature, and Why its Important, Here’s Everything you should Know before using it.

About Frost Blanket

Before Knowing how to use frost blanket, First let’s see what is frost blanket, In simple Explanation frost blanket is a White, Lightweight, Woven Material used to cover plants, Basically Farmers and Gardeners use this to protect their Plants from Freezing, Also It’s used to protect plants from insects.

Frost blankets are very Lightweight, and anyone can use it very easily to save their plant from freezing.

Before Early Spring Farmers and Gardener’s has to protect their plants, also have to protect them form heat at late summer for good harvest. Many People don’t have frost blanket so how they can protect their plant, Yes their is an way that you can use to protect your plant from cold.

You can use a floating or reemay cover or any lightweight sheet that can cover that plant, But their is an drawback these kind of sheets trap the moisture inside and stop the sun light, and plants need light, so you have to unmoved the plants during day time. You can also use these frost blanket to cover the trees to protect the flowers.

How to Use

Frost blankets to start the process you need to first install a low tunnel hoops, or you can also directly law the blankets on the plants, And the next step is to anchored blankets with fabric pins, or you can also use sandbags, rocks.

When you covered the Frost Blanket without using Pins, this are commonly name as floating row covers, Because Blanket is lightweight can “float” above the plants.

Remember frost blanket used to protect from Cold and as Sun Shine you should remove the Blankets, Because Plants Need Sun Light. You can coved the Blankets if sun set to protect them from cold.

Or else you can also installed lights inside the Blanket, To create Artificial light heat for Plants, Watch this Below Video to Understand it more Easily.

Video Credit : 2 Minute Garden Tips

Why its Important?

Now after Knowing how to install it, you might be thinking is it that much important to cover the plant using frost blanket, Let’s Understand it now.

As a Farmer/Gardener Plants play an important role in our life, Many Plants Survive can’t Survive in Cold/Heat, and to protect them we have to use frost blanket to cover them, and this will block the cold outside and your plant easily survive from freezing cold or heat.

Final Words

To Protect your plants form Freezing Cold or to save them from getting dry in late summer, you need to use frost blanket, and this will help you to save your plant.

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