Shovel vs Spade [Major difference]

Hello readers, You Must be wondering what are the major difference shovel and a spade and which one suite your need, So don’t worry we are here to share information which will help you to understand the major difference between shovel and spade.

So Does Spade and Shovel are same? Answer is NO they aren’t, Both Tools used in gardening for different different works.


The Major difference between shovel and spade is both tools made for different works, That’s why most of the Garders use both tools as per their need.

In Simple Words Shavel used for digging and Spade used for scoop and slice. As a Garders we need both Tools, so you can use Shovel to dig a hole, Simultaneously use Spade for other works, like for slice and scoop.


Now Let’s see some more Information which will help you to choose the right Tools for your Need, Shovel have a Scooped, and comes with rounded blade with a point on the end of it. So this is a Universal shape that comes in mind when thinking of shovel.

As I said earlier that Shovels are mainly used for digging but it’s also use for some other stuff too, so here are the uses of shovel in Gardening, Shovel can be used to scooping of Dirt, you can use Shovel to refill the holes.

Working on New Garden is hard, and a shovel with its shaper tip help you to break the ground, you can also use the shovel to cut the grass smoothly. Shovel Angel of blade can be used to break the hard soil easily.

And on the Top for a good Grip to break the ground the tool come with a Handle which is an angled to leverage the load. Handle are usually “48” in length, which help to dig holes deep.


Spades looks very similar to shovels, but it’s use for some other works, Mostly the Spades shape is Falt and Sharp at end. When comparing blade shapes, a shovel actually resembles the spade in a deck of cards more than an actual spade does!

Comparing to Shovels the Spades comes with shorter handels, This will give more power and control to Garders while working with it. The handles may have a D-shaped grip at the end to provide a good grip and a hand pivot point. The blade is typically smaller and less concave.

Mostly the Spades is used for cutting through the dirt. It can break up the earth and cut through roots like a knife through butter. Spades are an ideal tool for edging, spades are also used to scrape soft weeds off the surface of the soil

It doesn’t look like it, but a spade is a proficient scooper. The straight edge is perfect for lifting loose material. Also, the size and shape of this tool makes it easy to move loads quickly and efficiently. It may seem strange to choose a potentially smaller blade to scoop with… after all, wouldn’t that pick up less material?

But remember the weight of the material you’ll be moving. If you are not an athlete or do not want to train in the gym, you will probably appreciate the lighter load. You also gain what you lose in volume. Work is faster with this tool.

Final word

Thanks for coming, we have tried to explain the major difference between Shovel and Spade and hopefully we have added some value, you can also explore our website for more information related to gardening.

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